VOTING YES on Measure A

Measure N will be on the ballot this November 6th.

It was placed there by a group from outside of South Pas and may have a significant impact on our City services including paramedics, police, fire department, street and sidewalk, reduced cost meals for seniors, the Public Library and more.


The ballot will be lengthy as it includes State and Local elections for office, statewide ballot measures and our local UUT repeal measure.  Please be sure to find the correct page and vote NO on Measure N.


Election Days is Tuesday November 6th, 2018 and we need your NO vote to prevent cuts to our city budget.  We must receive 51% support to ensure that we protect South Pasadena.  All registered voters in South Pasadena are legible to vote on this measure.


Register to Vote

The deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday October 22, 2018.

To register to vote, click here.


Voting by Mail

To vote in this election, find your ballot in the mail in early October,be sure to vote NO on Measure N before you sign, date, address and stamp the return envelope. Mail back your completed ballot right away to ensure your vote counts for all South Pasadena residents.

For questions about voting by mail in this election, click here or call (800) 815-2666.