Dear Friend of South Pasadena:

Those who live or work here agree that the City is exceptional.  

There is, however, a threat to the local government’s financial stability. Without this, our quality of life will be greatly compromised.

In the General Election of November 3, 2020, voters are being asked to renew the City’s Utility Users Tax (UUT).  It will appear on the ballot as Measure U.

The term for the existing UUT is set to expire. Measure U seeks to renew the UUT at the same 7.5% rate, continuing unless repealed by future vote. Thus, voters won’t have to keep revisiting this vital funding source.

The annual UUT revenue from the assessment on cable, electricity, gas, phone, and water bills currently constitutes 12% ($3.4 million) of the General Fund. The UUT, which is currently set at 7.5%,  began in 1983 and is the second-largest source of funds for the City’s budget.

UUT funds support the following services:

  • Community, senior, youth, and library programs

  • Sidewalk, street, sewer and road repairs

  • Park maintenance, tree trimming and landscaping

  • Infrastructure and technology upgrades

  • Public safety, paramedic services, and rapid response times

Your support is immensely appreciated. 




Ed Donnelly

Chair, South Pasadena Yes on Measure U 2020